2019 shaping up to be a big year in the isom lab

In 2018, the Isom lab reached equilibrium with the addition of Jacob Rowe and Will Morgan to the ranks (bringing the team to a total of 5 members including Nick Kapolka and Geoff Taghon). Taking a team-based approach, we have collected an impressive amount of data that we will begin submitting for publication in early 2019. A critical feature of our success has been our ability to create innovative new experimental approaches that are enabling our complex but highly scalable cell-based assays. The brief video excerpt below illustrates one of these approaches that employs our liquid handling robotics system driven by our own custom Python code. It shows the last step (transformation plating) of our automated CRISPR pipeline for massively parallel yeast genome editing. Using this approach we have done as many as 400 yeast transformations in a single day (illustrated in the picture below).


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